Time to Talk Money

Time to Talk Money

Dear Gail

  • “Our VPs are telling me their base salary is way below market – can you help me benchmark?”
  • “We want to build out our investor relations team – what should we be budgeting for the various levels?”
  • “We’re losing out to competitors in our associate hiring for what feels like small differences in base salary? What is going wrong?”
  • “We give everyone carry, is this market practice?”
  • “What sort of pension benefit do other firms like us provide?”

These are just some of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last few weeks. The good news is – we’ve got the answers at our fingertips as a result of the amazing data in our Annual Private Equity Compensation Survey. The even better news is – you can have the facts as well by contributing to this year’s survey. We cover all investment, investor relations, finance and admin roles and the level of detail is impressive. You will benefit from the data that more than 100 European private equity firms provide. We think that our data is as good as, if not better than, many of the paid for surveys that are in the market as a result of the generous participation of firms like yours.
Contribute to our 2016 Compensation Survey
The Cost: thirty minutes of your time.

The Benefits: accurate, detailed, reliable and extensive data on private equity compensation in Europe.

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